Sunday, November 17, 2013

Let Me Introduce Myself: The Architect

The title should come with a bit of a disclaimer.
I am not yet an actual, official, registered architect. In fact, I'm not even out of school yet.

I am, however, incredibly fascinated with the idea of designing a small dwelling place. I was properly inspired by the lovely Sarah Susanka, architect and author of nine best-selling books, and the originator of the "Not So Big" philosophy of residential architecture which aims to built better, not bigger. At least, that's what wikipedia tells me.

Hey, and check this out. Someone apparently was inspired...that's 80 square feet right there. Crazy right? light of all of this, when Deb came up with this harebrained scheme to convert a bus into a home...well, I had to hop on board.

So, here I am, ready to give my two-cents and my design school year short of true expertise.

What about me can I share with you? I'm 22 and I love Jesus. I've got family back in Texas (and Texas will always be the home to my heart) but currently residing in California suits me pretty stinking well, I must say. I'd like to describe myself as artsy fartsy because I think it's a silly term and it makes me laugh. But seriously, I think I would do better telling you what I'm not interested in than trying to share what does interest me. But I'll try anyway: architecture (obviously), fashion, art, books and writing, music, crafting, and drinking coffee....yea, especially that last one.

What does that mean I can bring to the team? Um...well, I'll always make sure that these other two lovely ladies have plenty of coffee to keep them alert and focused and on task. :) And if that doesn't pay the bills, I don't know what does.

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