Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Begin the Beguine

I had to start this blog off with something a little Jazzy, a little fun, and completely out of the ordinary. 

I am completely OBSESSED with the tiny house movement. From houses on tiny trailers that are less than 150 square feet, to converted buses, to Airstream trailers, and restored vintage RVs, I love them all.

This is the very beginning of my journey into this world. I've been reading blogs and newsletters, drooling over photos, and trying to figure out the whole toilet situation in these things. (Honestly, the toilet issue is what I'm most concerned about.)

I am probably not the only one who is going to be posting here, but I'll let the others introduce themselves if they decide to write anything here.

About me: I am a 30 year old Christian actress and photographer. I am an only child and a bit of a pack rat. Up until recently, I was working an office job. I really liked the people there, but the job itself was not my cup of tea. Even though I have a degree in business, I am a very creative, artsy person, and do not do well in an office setting (I am by no means saying that artsy people can't work in offices, just that I can't). Unfortunately, as much as I was doing my work, and trying to make the best of it, my boss could see that I wasn't happy, and let me go. So now, I'm officially unemployed, trying to make the acting and photography work for me. I'm also about to try my hand at voice-overs and recording audiobooks.  Basically, I do a bit of everything, but I'm a performer at heart.

This is my current plan:
  1. Buy a bus from The British Bus Company
  2. Convert it to a livable situation
  3. Find a place to park the thing!
 Not necessarily in that order....

This whole thing is going to be a process. I (we) have to figure out everything from parking, to plumbing, to electrical (solar?), to heating (is it even necessary here in LA?), decor, to that stupid toilet issue (composting toilet, vs. RV toilet, vs. incinerating toilet, vs. other??)!!

Here we go!!


  1. Maybe you should start with something smaller like a GM tdh 3302n or a Ford e-450 based bus. That way, if you get two months into your adventure and find yourself saying; "This **** is for the birds." you'll be able to get out more readily. Are you planning on keeping it mobile or permanently parking it?

    1. Honestly, I don't know. I like the idea of mobility, which is why I'm drawn to the bus in the first place. If I decide to just park it and leave it, I have to find/rent a space somewhere. I have zero desire to live in a mobile home park with standard style mobile homes or park models. Also, I'm not married to the bus idea at all. I love the thought of it being independent, but I also love the cuteness of the standard "house-style" tiny homes. The issue with those is the fact that I would need to buy (or rent) a truck to move it.

      As far as your alternative bus rec's go: the Ford is way too small. I'm planning on living in this with at least one other girl, and probably a second for a couple months. The GM is way cool, but a quick search for one on sale turned up nothing but toys, models and parts. Granted I didn't look very hard, but still. The double-decker has more space for 3 girls. It would be more of a risk, you're right, though.

      Nothing has been set in stone yet. We may still do an actual tiny house. We'll see what God does with it. :)